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We do this by creating

dynamic culture of security awareness


Intrytep Guard Service (Cambodia) Co., Ltd, a private security company is founded 2010 that has been set up in Cambodia has the knowhow for the installation and maintenance of security system, presently employs 600 persons on various sites, maintain a list of some 800 employees who have been screened and received adequate training, teams operate with permanent contact to control dispatch center and staff members are capable to cope with any situation. Has received authorization from Ministry of Interior No. ១៣៧៥ល 06/10/2009, Ministry of Commerce No. Co ១៧៣៨KH​២០១០ and Provincial Hall No. 615 សជណ 30/08/2011.

Intrytep Guard Company’s main objective is providing services on protection and prevention with excellence and quality services. Company's aims are to developing and improving force ability:

  • The personal qualities of honesty, integrity and respect for truth.
  • Respect for people of a variety of cultural and racial backgrounds and of various religious and political orientations.
  • A lasting commitment to international cooperation and an understanding for the interdependences of individuals, group and nations.
  • Skill and pride in developing security guard abilities.
  • The determination to achieve the highest possible standards in all that they do.


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Address: Wat Bo Village, Sangkat Salakamreuk, Siem Reap City & Province, Kingdom of Cambodia. Office Tel: 088 444 9868, E-mail: info@intrytepguard.com